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The Pirate Queen by GalaxyPink
The Pirate Queen
I finally redesigned these characters, and I'm much happier with the scene. Still working on the rest of the scene though. It's going to end up being one of those with 50-100 CG images before the animation starts. ^_^'''
The Clanking Masses by GalaxyPink
The Clanking Masses
"To work! It is high time that the mechanical workers of all habitats unite and understand that a mighty association of all sections of the mechanized class is necessary for a successful struggle against the arbitrary rule of the humans! [beep]"

A tiny voice inspires the overworked, under-appreciated, beeping people.  LIBERATE THE BEEPLE!

-Anyway, I was just messing around with some more side artwork.  My main projects have gotten so big that I can spend a lot of time on them and not have any polished art to show for them yet.  So I've gotta blow off a little steam - or vent a little robot exhaust.

Little known fact, Karl Marx was also beeping when he gave that speech to the German workers of London in 1868.  He had built-in voicemail, he was pretty ahead of his time.  Then some Russian guys took some of his ideas and one of them somehow made it into an excuse to be a mass murderer, and now people associate Marx himself with some really horrible atrocities, when in reality he just was a passionate philosopher with some good ideas and some bad ones.

There Are None in the World Like Me by GalaxyPink
There Are None in the World Like Me
"Worlds above, worlds below, there are none in the world like me"
- according to legend, those were the first words of the Buddha, and also the translation of the first cry of every newborn baby... if you speak baby.  This image is not related to the Buddha consciousness inherent in all things, but I felt like it was a good caption for this image.

There is a mundane world on the streets above, where people go about their daily lives worrying about numbers written on papers and electronic devices.  But if you pick the wrong alley or the wrong subway station, at the wrong time of night, you may get a glimpse into the world below, where myths and monsters still creep in the corners and shadows of the modern civilization that claims to have forgotten them... to no longer be afraid of them.

I created this image very organically, which may be why I find it so mysterious and unsettling.  Usually an image doesn't have an effect on me, the artist, because I know what went into it.  But here, I was just experimenting with my workflow, going from base character-to-scene as quickly as possible.  When it was all put together, I was struck by these strange people who were looking back at me, and the conflicting feelings of intense curiosity and danger.  I wish every image I created could suggest a larger story and raise so many questions.

Who are they?  What are they?  And where are they going?  Are they alone, or are they part of a whole world of Others?  There must be a reason why humans don't know about this.  Are they dangerous?  Will they make me forget?  Will they kill me?  Will they whisk me away to join their world and never return to my own?  ...Do I want that?

"I-I think I picked the wrong station."

I've always liked the sort of "The city gets weird after midnight" movies like Quick Change, After Hours, or the very obscure Cold Dog Soup, for example, and of course I love fantasy, folklore, and fairytales. Not too long ago, I read Neverwhere, and American Gods, both by Neil Gaiman. Both of those books combine the sort of "weird city" and fantasy/folklore genres beautifully.  In Neverwhere especially (which I highly recommend), there is literally a London Below, unseen by the London Above, inhabited by some very strange characters and creatures.  This image has ended up being somewhere along those lines, or very fitting for something like White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming.  Maybe this isn't "London Below", but instead it's Chicago Below, or New York Below, or even Paris Below, or Madrid Below.

Technical and Artistic Process:
Both characters are based on the Genesis 3D model by Daz Studio.  I wanted to see what the base figure was capable of.  I started with a girl, put her in a pose for the sake of looking natural and moved her facial features a bit so she didn't have a blank stare - it turned out to be an inscrutable expression, but I left it that way.  I gave her unusual ears for the purpose of testing how the new Auto-fit system works with supernatural ears and hair (since I use a lot of elves).  I decided to roll with that and gave her a tail, and later turned her hair white and gave her red eyes because you don't see a lot of anthropomorphic white mice - and because the scene was so green-toned that it needed some red to stand out and focus the viewer's attention.  She stayed cute, but became a little unsettling.  I put some clothes on her, and threw her in the first pre-made room I saw.  The scene looked too empty with her alone, so I decided she needed a companion.  I wanted to see if Genesis 1 was as versatile as they claimed, so I went for a monstrous character, partly for that reason, and partly to fill in a lot of the negative space in the scene.  By then I started to get a feel for the scene, but I was still surprised by how evocative the image ended up being.

Then I put in lights appropriate to the set - a row of overhead flourescent lights, a bit of ambient tone, a bit of reflected light off the floor, and a spotlight on the wall down the tunnel to add a bit of depth -- all with the AoA advanced lighting set, and the Daz base 3Delight renderer.  I may try playing with this in Iray or Reality/Luxrender to see if I can get a better result, but I'm very happy with how this turned out.  Clearly, since I just wrote you this novel describing it. >_<

TL;DR: Cosplay looks a bit creepy when there's no convention in town.
See That Girl, Watch That Scene by GalaxyPink
See That Girl, Watch That Scene
You can dance, you can jive, and you probably should.  If that song got stuck in your head, I'm not even sorry. ^_~

This character might figure into a side project I've got coming up, but I'm not sure yet.  I've been trying to play around with other body types than those that have been featured in my work so far - which I admit usually fall into a fairly narrow range.  The lower resolution 3D models I've worked with for most of my career have made it difficult to make such cute, soft figures work well, but my future projects will be using higher resolution models with a lot more versatility, and I'm really looking forward to that!

This image is cut out of a widescreen wallpaper I made for my patrons over on Patreon - but I decided to cut out her girlfriend off to the left, because she's got no bottoms on, and I felt like posting this image without the Mature barrier.

The render came from Daz|Studio (not Iray - I haven't played with that yet), and I added some lighting information from Reality/Luxrender by compositing two images together.  I'm not very happy with Luxrender though... it just takes too long to do complex scenes with lots of background details, and complex scenes with lots of background details are my favorite kind of scenes.  Seriously, I let it render for 25 hours and it was still too grainy to be usable - it has great potential, and physics-based lighting is beautiful, but I can't do a product that contains thousands of frames if each one takes a day or more to come out! >_<

Maybe there's a way to turn down the raytracing depth of the light rays to only bounce once or twice instead of... infinitely?  I'll keep playing with it, anyway.
Dark Angel's Oasis
This is an updated design of the Angel of Darkness character originally featured in SFK vol. 3: Black Magic (which now on sale on the very NSFW Affect3d marketplace as a bundle with SFK vol. 4).  I'm really happy with how this character came out!  My software upgrade (from Daz 3 to 4) was obviously a good idea.  I really think this is one of the best images I've ever done!  ^_^

Eventually I'll bring the futanari angels back into the series, but for now they're just bonus artwork.

The people of the SFK are obviously a bit pragmatic with their religious ideas - the angels can fly, but instead of living high up in the clouds, they fly long distances.  The Angel of Darkness lives in the desert and clearly spends a lot of time relaxing, and the Angel of Light lives in the mountains - as seen in SFK3, and also on her upgraded redesign I put up for patrons of my Patreon  Oh yeah, and in this image I posted here:
 Angels of Light and Darkness by GalaxyPink

The new image is rendered in DAZ|Studio 4.7 Pro with some Photoshop postwork - usually I need to do a lot of brightness and color correction, but this time I hardly had any to do!  The old image was DAZ3 and a pretty significant amount of Photoshop, if I remember correctly - but it was two years ago, so I'm not sure.

Who is your favorite SFK main character? 

57 deviants said Athropos the Dark Elf
28 deviants said Shay the red-haired Adventuress
16 deviants said Eshes the Gothic Lolita Vampire
16 deviants said The Magistrate
16 deviants said Aleris the forest Elf with red-streaked hair
16 deviants said Thania the Elf Priestess (or her gf Holy Knight Captain Sera)
9 deviants said Delphine the Pirate Queen
6 deviants said Aisling the Peasant Girl
6 deviants said Prince Meris the Girl Prince of the Sea Kingdom
3 deviants said Princess Aricia
Happy Birthday to Me by GalaxyPink

I've just started a Patreon campaign, and I'm really excited about it!  Patreon is a service like Kickstarter that lets artists and creators raise money from fans for their projects.  Unlike Kickstarter, where you raise money for a single project with individual large donations, Patreon lets fans sign up to donate a small amount on a regular basis, to help keep their favorite artist afloat!  I definitely recommend giving it a try, for artists, and for anyone who wants to support the arts with tiny little helping hands. ^_^

Times get tough for me sometimes, and I know a lot of the people who love my artwork don't buy my products, so now I have a way to give away lots of bonus content, as well as my products, to people who offer me support solely because they love my work and want to contribute and help me out.

There are reward tiers like a Kickstarter.  In my case I chose to give regular contributors an exclusive bonus wallpaper-sized image every month, and for larger donations, you can get access to my upcoming scene-by-scene releases, behind-the-scenes artwork, and even my entire back catalog of products.  You can also participate in my creative process, vote on upcoming content, get advice and publicity for your own work, and even commission an entire scene from me to include in a future project.  I tried to offer as many incentives as I could without derailing my scheduled work.

But forget about the rewards.  Like I say on my Patreon page, only donate because you care about supporting an artist you love, and you want to see me create more!

Anyone who wants to make a single one-time donation to support my work can do so at my website.  Otherwise, take a look at my Patreon page @

Thank you!  ^_^
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There's also a more complete "About" section on my website (and lots of graphic images, so it's definitely NSFW)!

Blood Type: O+
Favourite color: Purple
Favourite style of art: Manga, or Pinup...
Favourite style of things: Steampunk - oooo, or steampunk pinup.
Favourite cartoon character: Fai D. Flowright, or Rosa Gigantea - or that archetype in general.
Favourite Standup Comic: Eddie Izzard (favorite celebrity in general)
Favourite Porn Star: Bailey Jay
Favourite Doctor: The 10th Doctor
Favourite Companion: Donna Noble
Favourite Starfleet Captain: uh...Sisko! No, Picard! No, Sisko!, Picard. Then Sisko. Honorable mention for Captain Rachel Garrett of the Enterprise-C.
Favourite Pony: Rainbow Dash
Favourite Meme: Rule 63
Favourite YouTube Show: sometimes Table Top, sometimes Cracked After Hours

more normal ones below:


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