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These are my favorites, no ifs, ands or... well a lot of butts.





RPG Map! by GalaxyPink
RPG Map!
My favorite part of this practice RPG project I did (free download here: is this fantasy map.  I can't believe I painted this with a mouse!

Picture a mouse instead of a paintbrush... but I'm actually talking about a computer mouse.  Anyway, I followed tutorials from Djekspek who does amazing fantasy maps, and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Eventually, I'll recreate the SFK map in this style! ^_^
RPG Weapons by GalaxyPink
RPG Weapons
I updated both my 3D software and my game engine/software development kit - so I did a bunch of art and programming for an old RPG project from 2007, to practice.

It's a pretty bare-bones PG-rated RPG game with room to fill in the blanks some time later, with NPCs, other settings, and overall improvements, that's basically a proof-of-concept/tech-demo for an eventual SFK RPG - and you can download it for free if you want!

It's here:
Euryale by GalaxyPink
I remembered this idea I had a long time ago of a good-hearted gorgon who renounced murder and turning people to stone and hid herself away... But she loved the "statues" she used to have so much that she learned to be a sculptor, to lovingly recreate them in all their agony and horror.

This is just a small version of a 1920x1080 widescreen wallpaper I did for my Patreon supporters.  But I'm really fond of this idea, and I thought it was worth sharing.
Tomb Robbers by GalaxyPink
Tomb Robbers
I decided to do a large widescreen wallpaper version of the first frame of this new SFK5 scene, as always, focusing on what's important... butts.

I'm using the momentum I gained from SFK:Vampire Winter (now available on my site, soon to be available on Affect3D as a single product AND as a bundle with SFK: Vampire Halloween - and free from my website on request, to anyone who pre-ordered SFK5, and certain patrons on Patreon), to roll ahead into a new scene.  I discovered a new feature that has sped up my workflow, and I'm really excited to be making steady progress again!

I'm going to aim for finishing this scene in March, but it's going to have a lot more animation than usual (because the player will get to choose between two versions of the scene), so we'll see.  I'll do my best!

I'll also be putting this one up on Patreon (NSFW if you sign up, but the front page is pretty tame), where I've got more previews of this scene, and a dozen or so other exclusive 1080HD wallpapers, and lots of other random bits of artwork.  So if you happen to adore my artwork enough to feel like throwing a few dollars at me, you might want to check that out. ^_^
Shelter from the Winter by GalaxyPink
Shelter from the Winter
Aisling's cottage looks so warm and inviting, during the worst blizzard in the Kingdom's history... But someone is knocking on her door, a vampire stalking the cold night outside, looking for a warm-blooded victim!

Shay the Vampire by GalaxyPink

So, I just finished this new project!  It's available on my website.  SFK: Vampire Winter - the first time I've done a winter setting and the first time I've done a project in widescreen!  I'm so happy with how it came out! ^__^

Who is your favorite SFK main character? 

55 deviants said Athropos the Dark Elf
23 deviants said Shay the red-haired Adventuress
16 deviants said Aleris the forest Elf with red-streaked hair
15 deviants said Eshes the Gothic Lolita Vampire
15 deviants said The Magistrate
15 deviants said Thania the Elf Priestess (or her gf Holy Knight Captain Sera)
9 deviants said Delphine the Pirate Queen
5 deviants said Aisling the Peasant Girl
5 deviants said Prince Meris the Girl Prince of the Sea Kingdom
3 deviants said Princess Aricia
Happy Birthday to Me by GalaxyPink

I've just started a Patreon campaign, and I'm really excited about it!  Patreon is a service like Kickstarter that lets artists and creators raise money from fans for their projects.  Unlike Kickstarter, where you raise money for a single project with individual large donations, Patreon lets fans sign up to donate a small amount on a regular basis, to help keep their favorite artist afloat!  I definitely recommend giving it a try, for artists, and for anyone who wants to support the arts with tiny little helping hands. ^_^

Times get tough for me sometimes, and I know a lot of the people who love my artwork don't buy my products, so now I have a way to give away lots of bonus content, as well as my products, to people who offer me support solely because they love my work and want to contribute and help me out.

There are reward tiers like a Kickstarter.  In my case I chose to give regular contributors an exclusive bonus wallpaper-sized image every month, and for larger donations, you can get access to my upcoming scene-by-scene releases, behind-the-scenes artwork, and even my entire back catalog of products.  You can also participate in my creative process, vote on upcoming content, get advice and publicity for your own work, and even commission an entire scene from me to include in a future project.  I tried to offer as many incentives as I could without derailing my scheduled work.

But forget about the rewards.  Like I say on my Patreon page, only donate because you care about supporting an artist you love, and you want to see me create more!

Anyone who wants to make a single one-time donation to support my work can do so at my website.  Otherwise, take a look at my Patreon page @

Thank you!  ^_^
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United States
There's also a more complete "About" section on my website (and lots of graphic images, so it's definitely NSFW)!

Blood Type: O+
Favourite color: Purple
Favourite style of art: Manga, or Pinup...
Favourite style of things: Steampunk - oooo, or steampunk pinup.
Favourite cartoon character: Fai D. Flowright, or Rosa Gigantea - or that archetype in general.
Favourite Standup Comic: Eddie Izzard (favorite celebrity in general)
Favourite Porn Star: Bailey Jay
Favourite Doctor: The 10th Doctor
Favourite Companion: Donna Noble
Favourite Starfleet Captain: uh...Sisko! No, Picard! No, Sisko!, Picard. Then Sisko. Honorable mention for Captain Rachel Garrett of the Enterprise-C.
Favourite Pony: Rainbow Dash
Favourite Meme: Rule 63
Favourite YouTube Show: Table Top

more normal ones below:


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