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Don't Make Me Hurt You by GalaxyPink Don't Make Me Hurt You by GalaxyPink
A preview image for Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince (there are more previews on my website - but NSFW! 18+ only).

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince is now available on my site for Windows PC and Mac, for just $5.99! It's a set of 33 CG images with clothing and camera angle variations, for a total of over 300 images!

As you can see, it features Prince Meris of Aquataria "meeting" the Dark Elf spy Athropos Athras, for some "diplomatic negotiations". Point being: they're both really sexy, and I have been 3D rendering butts for WEEKS just for you! ^_^

I thought it would be done sooner but my computer didn't handle the workload well! But thanks to the donations and pre-orders, I'll be able to have a major upgrade next month! So thanks everybody!

...obviously Athropos and Prince Meris don't get along so well.
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Ni9hth4wk Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
hmm.. perhaps it has been suggested in the past, but...

you create a considerable amount of images. ever thought about writing picture story? you know, with speech bubbles.
GalaxyPink Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I've thought about using captions, not bubbles, but generally I try to convey as much intention and emotion in the characters as possible, just through their expressions, and the actions they take.

Most of my products contain long segments that are just series of still images, and I think the story comes across pretty well (though sometimes it's hard to figure out how to set up a scene so that it makes sense that way)! ^_^
Ni9hth4wk Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
awww.... "products" makes it sound, like it's emotionlessly created for the money, "creations" sounds much better ^^

you're doing an exceptional job conveying intention and emotion. there's one other thing, that can't be easily conveyed this way, though: depth.

having a lot of characters is good. presently, they are mostly characterized by appearance (baring exceptions). preferences are, to some degree, included by the emotional response to certain occuring situations.

depth increases immersion and characterization (i'm sure some other things as well, that don't come to mind right now). having the characters have a past, for example, may also lead to an enormous potential for additional storys and scenes (just in case that you've got a shortage of those^^). the use of captions is even better than bubbles, considering the present options, it's just something, that i didn't think of. using those would definitely open the gates for a bunch of options your !! creations !! can profit from (and incidentally you as well :D).

.... i just noticed, what you wrote inside of the brackets. i'm really impressed that you made it work so well ;)

btw... i do realize what an immense amount of time and efford it would require to do this. just saying, that the option exists, and i'm fairly sure, that, in your head, there are already extensive cases of what i just suggested. the entire setting and the characters themselves would've required some thought about that.
GalaxyPink Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Everyone has a different opinion about what my work should be called >_< I used to call them "games" because they're software, but then people yelled at me because they don't have much interactivity, or goal-based play. They are products, and I very emotionally create them for the money. ^_~

I actually really enjoy the challenge of not using dialogue or narration, and since one of the key elements of writing is to "show not tell"... I try to show everything. One of my big inspirations has always been a book called "On Directing Film" by David Mamet, about how to first convey all information possible through imagery, staging, character emotions, and only use dialogue if there's anything left over that needs to be told (which is ironic since David Mamet is known for his dialogue writing - but that's probably because he only writes dialogue that's really necessary to the plot).

I'm sure anyone following my continuing work has a pretty good sense that these are characters with feelings, and thoughts, and pasts (my next product is entirely backstory for popular characters from the series, in fact), who live in a rich, detailed world with its own history - in that case, it's best NOT to give away too much... I can't stand it when writers and filmmakers spend lots of time showing off the world they created, instead of telling a story.

And of course in my case... it's porn. I can't delay the sex scenes TOO long! ^_^
GoodOleCola Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
Well it looks like this will be Athropos first real nemesis! The only thing that is boggling me is the daughter of impregnated princess human or elf? I'm assuming the daughter will take after her other mother since she has the "dominant" genes *cough cough*.

And do elves age slower? If her daughter is all grown up, Athropos must be at least in her 40s.
GalaxyPink Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Her first real nemesis? Wait until you see the scene. ^_^

Athropos' and Princess Aricia's daughter will be a half-dark elf (like Ezzia Arzam, the potion assistant in the bonus scene from SFK4 [link] ) - but the daughter is just a baby by the time of SFK6.

In case it wasn't clear, Prince Meris is not the baby, she's the prince of the sea kingdom, one of the princes from other kingdoms coming (in SFK6) to court Princess Aricia.
Lemalas Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Student Writer
This looks great!

And yay, more dark elves!
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